Birding on Borrowed Time

by Snetsinger, Phoebe; Pratt, H. Douglas
Birding on Borrowed Time

Birding on Borrowed Time

by Snetsinger, Phoebe; Pratt, H. Douglas

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The posthumously published memoirs of the woman who saw more birds in her lifetime than any other human being in the history of the world. Phoebe's quest to see as many birds as possible only began at the age of 34, when she first laid eyes on a resplendent Blackburnian Warbler. After her belated awakening to the avian marvels around her, Phoebe began traveling across the globe, to all seven continents, observing and learning as much as she could about the world's thousands of bird species. The intensity and urgency of her quest were quickened when a cancer diagnosis led doctors to give her one year to live. Instead of succumbing to despair, Phoebe pursued her passion and strove to live what remained of her life to its fullest. Miraculously, she defied her death sentence, living on to see more of the world and more new birds for 17 more years. Along the way, she faced other hazards: a brutal assault and rape in New Guinea, a shipwreck, earthquakes, and political upheaval, along with recurrences of malignant melanoma. But in the end she triumphed over adversity and fulfilled her lifelong dream by becoming the first person to see more than 8,000 of the world's birds - a remarkable achievement that required passion, knowledge, skill, dedication, and persistence. Both a lively chronicle of birding adventures and a profoundly moving human document, Birding on Borrowed Time is the memoir of a truly extraordinary woman.

The book includes 45 illustrations by renowned avian artist H. Douglas Pratt including 16 full-color plates.

ISBN: 1878788418

Publisher: American Birding Association

Year of Publication: 2003

Page Count: 307

Weight: 1 lb

Series: American Birding Association