The Art of Birds: Grace and Motion in the Wild

by Miller, Jim
The Art of Birds: Grace and Motion in the Wild

The Art of Birds: Grace and Motion in the Wild

by Miller, Jim

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Captivating views of birdlife. In photographs that surprise with their eye-catching composition and amaze with their detail, The Art of Birds captures the beauty of birds as most people never see them. Jim Miller focuses his camera lens on distinctive and spectacular species found in the wetlands and along the shorelines of Florida and the southeast, portraying their behaviors in their natural habitats.

Ranging from striking portraits to high speed stop-action shots, the images showcase the splendor of large birds such as the anhinga, great blue heron, sandhill crane, snowy egret, osprey, and flamingo. They also depict the charm of smaller species including the ruddy turnstone, boat-tailed grackle, and the least bittern. Many of the photographs display brilliant plumage up close. Others show aspects of bird life related to courting, feeding, and flying.

Accompanying the images are descriptions of the species by early naturalists and ornithologists, from William Bartram to John James Audubon to Arthur Cleveland Bent. The excerpts from their narratives and journals reveal bird populations and environments that we can only imagine today, providing an homage to Old Florida through the perspectives of some of its most astute and eloquent chroniclers.

Miller's captivating photography encourages viewers to marvel at the elegant combination of form and function in bird species, perfected by processes of adaptation and selection over millions of years. The Art of Birds celebrates the creativity of nature, the joy of observation, and the richness of birdlife.

Nature photography in the context of fine art reveal birds as most people never see them; Presents photographs of Florida wading and water birds in natural behaviors and habitats; Photographic techniques featuring high speed stop-action, sharp focus and strong graphic design; Images complimented by expressive and relevant excerpts from early naturalists and ornithologists.

ISBN: 9780813066769

Publisher: University Press of Florida

Year of Publication: 2021

Page Count: 195