Finding Birds in Southern Illinois

by Detwiler, Henry D.
Finding Birds in Southern Illinois

Finding Birds in Southern Illinois

by Detwiler, Henry D.

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Southern Illinois is a birder's paradise, with a list of recorded birds that tops 310 species. This guide will help you locate many of these birds, including specialities like Short-eared Owl, Least Tern, Mississippi Kite, and Henslow's Sparrow. Each of the 35 chapters will guide you to a new destination, in a search for avian targets alon the mighty Mississippi River, through Little Grand Canyon, in verdant hardwood swamps, among beautiful grasslands, and in ferm-laced forests.

With maps, directions, coordinates, habitat, target bird lists, tips, and information you need to know about each location. Includes a southern Illinois bird checklist.

In this guide, southern Illinois consists of the 17 southernmost counties in Illinois, between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

ISBN: 9781365973680

Publisher: Henry Detwiler

Year of Publication: 2020

Page Count: 262