Monograph of the Pheasants

by Hennache, Alain and Michel Ottaviani
Monograph of the Pheasants

Monograph of the Pheasants

by Hennache, Alain and Michel Ottaviani

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The World Pheasant Organisation worked with the Authors Alain Hennache and Michel Ottaviani to translate their acclaimed 2 volume 'Monagraphie des faisans' into a single English volume. This book presents the latest information available in 2019 on all of the currently recognized pheasant species and includes an appendix with information on the four species of Junglefowl.

It begins with detailed chapters on taxonomy, conservation and the captive breeding of pheasants. After which the genera, ranging from Tragopan through to Afropavo and finally Gallus are discussed. For each species the authors have detailed the most up to date information on the description, the geographical distribution, the origins of the denomination, the subspecies, the habitat, the feeding, the non-social behavior, the social behavior, courtship display, nesting, predation, conservation status, legislative status, the captive population and breeding.

The species are generously illustrated with photographs provided by the authors and many photographers from around the world, some whose work has not been previously shown.

This book represents a unique look at the pheasants and is the only complete work on the subject to consider the DNA research up to the present day.

It is printed in A4 format, 455 pages on 115gsm silk with 150 high resolution color photographs and 19 distribution maps. Weight is 2.2Kg. Translated from the French by Philippe B. Wilson with the participation of Geoffrey Davidson, fully revised and updated.

According to the authors wishes ALL net proceeds from the book will go to galliform conservation projects.

ISBN: 9780906864548

Publisher: World Pheasant Organisation

Year of Publication: 2020

Page Count: 455