Moult and Ageing of European Passerines, Second Edition

by Jenni, Lukas and Raffael Winkler
Moult and Ageing of European Passerines, Second Edition

Moult and Ageing of European Passerines, Second Edition

by Jenni, Lukas and Raffael Winkler

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A completely revised second edition of Jenni and Winkler's classic guide, updated and improved for the next generation of ringers and professional ornithologists.

Lukas Jenni and Raffael Winkler have studied molt across a wide range of bird species for decades, and in this book bring their observations together to produce a valuable reference for both professional ornithologists and bird ringers. This second edition has been completely updated and revised, with 16 new species accounts added, bringing the total covered to 74.

The first part of the book provides an up-to-date summary of the molt strategies and molt sequences of European passerines, and discusses the ecological consequences of molt. Throughout the book, the authors draw on the enormous amount of data on molt that they have collected over 40 years of study and which, combined with data from the literature, allow them to present a thorough synthesis of the subject.

The second part is of particular value to ringers. Following a general introduction to ageing, detailed molt profiles are given for 74 European passerine species, illustrating all of the major molt strategies and including useful summary statistics, schematic diagrams of the extent of molt and indications of the variation within each species. The main molt strategies are illustrated with schematic graphs, and the molt strategies and extent of molt of every European passerine species are summarized in tabular form.

The crowning feature of this book is its collection of more than 600 full-color photographs of extended wings, which show the entire range of molt patterns and plumage-ageing criteria. An appendix gives supplementary information on ageing birds by the degree of pneumatisation of the skull.

Large in format, packed with high-quality photography and lavish in production specifications, this second edition of molt and Ageing in European Passerines is both a major reference for ornithologists, zoologists, bird ringers and dedicated birdwatchers, and a work of great scholarship and beauty.

Dimensions: 9 x 12 3/16 inches. Packed with hundreds of photos and figures

Publisher: Christopher Helm

Year of Publication: 2020

Page Count: 336

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