Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona

by Dyekman, Margaret
Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona

Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona

by Dyekman, Margaret

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Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona proves that finding 75+ different bird species without leaving your neighborhood is easier than you think. With true-to-life stories and beautiful photographs, Margaret Dyekman shows how birds enthrall and entertain people every day in their own Northern Arizona backyards.

From the retired high-tech executive who is amazed at the Osprey's six-foot wingspan seen from below during her daily neighborhood walk, to the dad who fills his bird seed feeder with sunflowers because his young daughter loves to watch tiny Lesser Goldfinches, this easy-to-read book about Northern Arizona birds will delight residents and visitors alike.

Margaret Dyekman has compiled bird sightings from her backyard and immediate surroundings in Northern Arizona for over 20 years. The experiences she shares in this book are the everyday ones of people who don't consider themselves 'bird watchers,' yet who watch and listen to as they relax on their deck, fill a bird bath, or stock their feeders with peanuts and sunflower seeds to see what birds will share their space. Backyard birders are special people because they enjoy every bird they see - over and over and over again - and they delight in nature in its simplest ways. Identification, feeding, bird baths, nesting, predators, window strikes, and unique real-life stories and advice will provide the reader with an experience no field guide offers.

'Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona is an entertaining and informative resource for bird and nature lovers and anyone who is curious about why watching birds is so rewarding.' - Dennis Tomko, President, Northern Arizona Audubon Society

Aimed at Arizona residents, especially those who maintain a bird feeder or bird bath and watch the behavior of different birds as they share our space in nature, teaching about common and uncommon species, attracting birds, and tips to bring those new to backyard birding up to speed quickly.

ISBN: 9781733729802

Publisher: Mardon Publishing

Year of Publication: 2019

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