Birds of Saskatchewan

by Smith, Alan R., C. Stuart Houston and J. Frank Roy
Birds of Saskatchewan

Birds of Saskatchewan

by Smith, Alan R., C. Stuart Houston and J. Frank Roy

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A full-color, comprehensive look at all of the birds that call Saskatchewan home. 437 species of birds are documented in this 768 page compendium, a result of over ten years of work and several lifetimes of observation, research, and writing. This work celebrates Saskatchewan's rich natural heritage, and acknowledges the efforts made to study and sustain each bird?s presence in the province. It is a record of change - of the birds who have come, those who remain, and those whose habitats are affected by changes in the environment. Birds of Saskatchewan is indebted to the long-time editors of the project. Lead author/co-editor Alan R. Smith is the scientist, the keeper of data, and provincial documenter. Here he joins his mentors C. Stuart Houston, bird bander, history lover, and prolific author, and Houston's long-time friend, collaborator, and editor J. Frank Roy, whose passion for birds, words, and images has helped to make this a publication that we hope readers will appreciate.

Each species account includes a range map, history, status, subspecies, habitat, reports of arrival, breeding, and departure by season, management, banding, and research, as well as English, Latin and French names, measurements, status change, and notes of interest. The book also includes a complete checklist, glossary, and appendices,

ISBN: 9780921104346

Publisher: Nature Saskatchewan

Year of Publication: 2019

Page Count: 765

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