Birding in Connecticut

by Gallo, Frank
Birding in Connecticut

Birding in Connecticut

by Gallo, Frank

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Release Date: 5/25/2018

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
A comprehensive site guide to birding in Connecticut.

Birding in Connecticut is the definitive guide to where, when and, how to find birds in the state. Packed with information valuable to birders of all skill levels, from species accounts and a first-of-a kind cumulative list of rare bird sightings to a host of tips and tricks to finding and identifying birds. It is an invaluable resource on the habits and habitats of Connecticut’s birdlife, with clear and up-to-date bar graphs showing seasonal occurrence and abundance for every Connecticut bird species. It is the first guide of its kind to offer QR code links to continually updated information on the occurrence and abundance of birds at each location. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs and maps, Birding in Connecticut is the perfect companion for experts and novices alike.

ISBN: 9780819576354

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

Year of Publication: 2018

Page Count: 512

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