Bhutan & Northeast India: Travel Map

Bhutan & Northeast India: Travel Map

Bhutan & Northeast India: Travel Map


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1:350,000/1:1,300,000 5th edition. Bhutan is a lovely country, but limits the number of visitors allowed to enter the country each year. Their reasoning seems to be that they only want high end tourists who are willing to spend a minimum of $250 per day for the privilege of seeing the country. Regardless, it is an interesting country, and popular enough that monetary constraints notwithstanding, is fully booked. As with past versions of our map, one side is dedicated to Bhutan itself, with inset maps of the Thimpu area (the capital) and the Paro area further to the west. The map is in considerable detail. The other side of the map sheet is equally useful, in that it covers that portion of India from Kolkata north to Sikkim and east to the actual border with China (not the fake border shown on maps printed in China, which show all of northern India as being part of China). This is an important part of India, but not one well-traveled. Framed by the great Brahmaputra River, one can explore exotic Assam and Nagaland, or follow the Burmese border to Imphal and little-visited Aizawl. Map size: 27 x 39 inches.

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