New Guinea: Travel Map

New Guinea: Travel Map

New Guinea: Travel Map

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Scale: 1:2,000,000 (East) 1:1,650,000 (West). 2nd ed - 2016. The South Pacific island of New Guinea is divided between two countries: The eastern, and somewhat more developed half, is the Republic of Papua New Guinea, and the western portion is the Indonesian province of West Irian. One side of the map shows the eastern portion, along with the nearby islands of the Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville Island of the Solomons. Whatever roads exist are shown, but most people fly from one destination to another. The West Irian side can best be visited by inter-island boats, as roads are few. Several other Indonesian islands are included on this side, of which Seram/Ceram and Ambon are probably the best known. Most of East Timor is shown as well.

ISBN: 9781553413424

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