Penguins And Other Seabirds

by Sewell, Matt

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Penguins And Other Seabirds

Penguins And Other Seabirds

by Sewell, Matt

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In this beautiful and highly giftable art book, artist and ornithologist Matt Sewell captures 50 species of the world's most beloved bird - penguins - and other sea bird favorites like puffins and albatrosses. Using pop-art watercolors and accompanied by whimsical profiles of each species, Sewell expresses the individual characters of sea birds as never before. From the Little Penguin, who is only 13 inches tall, to the Fiordland Crested Penguin, who sports bushy yellow eyebrows, these charismatic birds are sure to delight both young and old.

ISBN: 9780399578670

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Page Count: 128

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