Birds of Montana: Field Guide

by Tekiela, Stan
Birds of Montana: Field Guide

Birds of Montana: Field Guide

by Tekiela, Stan

Format: Paperback

Release Date: 1/1/2004

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
136 of the most common species found in Big Sky Country, organized by color.

One species per page spread: full-page photos with corresponding full-page descriptions. Easy-to-use color guide. See a yellow bird and you donít know what it is? Simply go to the yellow section. Fact-filled, containing the information you want to know. Comparison feature: not sure which woodpecker you're seeing? This feature helps you decide. Contains range maps showing where in Montana you'll find the birds in summer, winter, all year, or during migration. Stan's Notes include naturalist information and interesting gee-whiz facts.

ISBN: 9781591930976

Publisher: Adventure Publications

Year of Publication: 2004

Page Count: 328

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