Penguins: The Ultimate Guide, Second edition

by De Roy, Tui, Mark Jones, and Julie Cornthwaite
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Penguins: The Ultimate Guide, Second edition

Penguins: The Ultimate Guide, Second edition

by De Roy, Tui, Mark Jones, and Julie Cornthwaite

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Due: 2022/05/15

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An acclaimed photographic guide to these marvelous and enigmatic birds - now in a new, updated edition

Penguins are perhaps the most beloved birds. On land, their behavior appears so humorous and expressive that we can be excused for attributing to them moods and foibles similar to our own. Few realize how complex and mysterious their private lives truly are, as most of their existence takes place far from our prying eyes, hidden beneath the ocean waves. Now in a new, updated edition, this stunningly illustrated book provides a unique look at these extraordinary creatures and the cutting-edge science that is helping us to better understand them. Featuring more than 400 breathtaking photos, this is the ultimate guide to all 18 species of penguins, including those with retiring personalities or nocturnal habits that tend to be overlooked and rarely photographed. This revised second edition features updated scientific information and some spectacular new photographs.

Penguins is the most ambitious book to date of Tui De Roy, Mark Jones, and Julie Cornthwaite. Their travels, spanning more than two decades, have seen them crisscross the southern hemisphere to virtually everywhere that penguins are found, from the sun-baked lava shores of the Galápagos to some of the remotest subantarctic islands, as well as all around the Antarctic continent, where Emperor penguins breed on the deep-frozen sea.

A book that no bird enthusiast or armchair naturalist should do without, Penguins includes discussions of penguin conservation, informative species profiles, fascinating penguin facts, and tips on where to see penguins in the wild.

Covers all 18 species of the world's penguins
Features more than 400 stunning photos
Explores the latest science on penguins and their conservation
Includes informative species profiles and fascinating penguin facts.

ISBN: 9780691233574

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Year of Publication: 2022/05/15

Page Count: 240