Size, Function, and Life History

by Calder, William A.
Size, Function, and Life History

Size, Function, and Life History

by Calder, William A.

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1984. 431 pp. Hardcover in as new condition, without dust jacket. The author provides a quantitative baseline for comparative zoology and convincingly demonstrates the value of allometric correlations as an analytic tool. Whilte earlier applications and explanations of allometry have focused on one organ or function or requirement, Calder considers the scaling of everything from internal processes to life-history strategies to population dynamics, bridging numerous disciplines to explore the constraints imposed on evolution by body size and on body size by natural selection. This is an invaluable reference, but the book is more than an encyclopedia of interesting correlations. It is a provocative search for patterns that can unify the biology of disparate disciplines, trigger new research, and find immediate application in fields ranging from paleoecology and sociobiology to pharmacology and prosthetics.

ISBN: 0674810708

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Year of Publication: 1984

Page Count: 431