Texas Waterfowl

by Johnson, William P. and Mark W. Lockwood
Texas Waterfowl

Texas Waterfowl

by Johnson, William P. and Mark W. Lockwood

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In this beautifully illustrated guide, two practicing wildlife biologists describe the life histories of forty-five species of ducks, geese, and swans that occur in Texas. For common species and those that breed in the state, each account begins with an interesting fact (such as, 'Red-breasted Mergansers have been clocked at over 80 mph, the fastest recorded flight speed for a duck . . .') and provides information on Texas distribution and harvest, population status, diet, range and habitats, reproduction, and appearance.

Exquisite photographs, informative distribution maps, and a helpful source list accompany the species descriptions, and the book offers a glossary and full bibliography for those who want to explore the literature further.

With the degradation and disappearance of the inland and coastal habitats that these birds depend upon, the natural history of these waterfowl species provides a vital reminder of the interconnectedness and crucial importance of all wetlands.

Birders, biologists, landowners, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and all those interested in the health and preservation of our coastal and inland wetland resources will enjoy and learn from this book.

WILLIAM P. JOHNSON is a professional waterfowl and wetland biologist actively involved in research, habitat management, and wetland restoration on the Texas Upper Coast and in the Texas Panhandle. He has studied and written on the habits and habitats of waterfowl and wetland birds in the US and Canada. He lives in Canyon, Texas. MARK W. LOCKWOOD, based in Alpine, is a conservation biologist in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He is the recipient of the prestigious Ludlow Griscom Award from the American Birding Association and coauthor (with Brush Freeman) of The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds (Texas A&M University Press, 2004).

ISBN: 9781603448079

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

Year of Publication: 2013

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