Parrots and Finches: Healthy Nutrition

by Low, Rosemary
Parrots and Finches: Healthy Nutrition

Parrots and Finches: Healthy Nutrition

by Low, Rosemary

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Many areas of bird and Parrot keeping have been well covered and written advice is easily available. Yet perhaps one of the most important needs, nutrition, has been widely overlooked. Until now! Concerned at the lack of understanding of a healthy way to feed parrots and finches, Rosemary Low has taken the time to write and publish a comprehensive guide containing essential knowledge for all bird owners. She explains the importance of offering fresh foods, rather than relying on processed and dried ones, and the nutrients within the foods we offer our birds, and the role they play in keeping them healthy. Contains accurate and up to date information about the different diets each species of Parrot needs, and what foods are important for each component of a healthy diet. Malnutrition is widely and commonly reported by many avian veterinarians as the main causes of so many problems in our pet birds and Parrots. Although the development of pelleted diets has made it much easier to improve the health of pet birds, they are not the staple feed for many. Many birds and Parrots enjoy a diet made up from a wide range of foods, and the wider the range the better. It is not advisable to be reliant on one or two feeds, as there is always a chance that you are unable to get hold of them! With Rosemary Low`s knowledge and experience you too can ensure your bird is getting all the nutrition they need to stay fit and healthy.

ISBN: 9780953133772

Publisher: Insignis Publications

Year of Publication: 2012

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