Threatened Birds of India: Their Conservation Requirements

by Rahmani, Asad R.
Threatened Birds of India: Their Conservation Requirements

Threatened Birds of India: Their Conservation Requirements

by Rahmani, Asad R.

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Identification, protection, and monitoring of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) is a major global conservation program initiated by BirdLife International, and recognized and appreciated by many governments, NGOs, and conservationists. This book is an extension of the BNHS's IBA program to identify the most threatened and near threatened bird species in India and to recommend measures for their long-term protection. It discusses trade in threatened birds in India, status of pesticide contamination in birds in India, dams and threatened birds in the Brahmaputra floodplains, India's tiger reserves and threatened bird species, threats and opportunities of Avian conservation in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, management and conservation perspectives for Avian species in the Terai region, and taxonomy, distribution, and conservation status of strophocincla laughingthrushes of Western Ghats. Covering Critically Endangered (like Himalayan quail or mountain quail, pink-headed duck, white-bellied heron, etc.), Endangered (green peafowl, red-breasted goose, white-headed duck, etc.), Vulnerable (Nicobar megapode, marbled duck, Kashmir flycatcher, etc.), and Near Threatened (Japanese quail, Nicobar pigeon, Andaman hawk-owl, etc.) species, this volume will help in expanding the scope of conservation in India beyond tiger conservation to make it more inclusive.

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