Better Birdwatching in the Southwest [DVD] Field Guide

Better Birdwatching in the Southwest [DVD] Field Guide

Better Birdwatching in the Southwest [DVD] Field Guide

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The newest in the birding instruction series, Better Birdwatching, this DVD set focuses on the southwestern states. A two-disc set with four hours of video and sounds for 290 birds found in the deserts and mountains of the Southwestern U.S. (Arizona, New Mexico, southern California, Nevada, Utah, Western, Central, and South Texas, and southwest Oklahoma).

A revolution in birdwatching! After watching this DVD, the publishers guarantee you will know more about birds that you are likely to encounter where you live and travel.
- Beginning and advanced birdwatchers will enjoy viewing unique and entertaining behaviors.
- In addition to preferred habitats for each species, the video clips display diagnostic field marks and sounds for species identification.
- Sophisticated menus on the DVD allow you to quickly locate species of interest. Ideal for beginners, but is an excellent study aid for advanced birders preparing a trip to the Southwest.

Southwestern Birds DVD: four hours of video and audio for over 290 species found in southwestern North America.

Publisher: Better Birdwatching

Year of Publication: 2012

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Series: Better Birdwatching