Safari Sketchbook: A Bird Painter's African Odyssey

by Woodcock, Martin

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Safari Sketchbook: A Bird Painter's African Odyssey

Safari Sketchbook: A Bird Painter's African Odyssey

by Woodcock, Martin

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A collection of the beautiful sketches that built the iconic Birds Of Africa series, with a text based on the author's journals.

Much of the material comes from several lengthy trips to Tanzania and Kenya, on some of which mist-netting enabled forest birds to be studied and drawn in the hand, and there are also accounts of visits to Uganda, Cameroon and Ethiopia. Many of the sketch-pages show birds as you see them in the field; they flit or stalk through the pages in a way that will bring vivid recollections for anyone who has experienced Africa`s wonderful wildlife. There is also a generous selection of landscape and habitat studies to heighten the sense of atmosphere and place. In the lively text, anecdotes, `incidents of the route`, descriptive passages with a little poetry and some history enhance the underlying ornithological research.

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ISBN: 9780956401601

Publisher: Esker Press

Year of Publication: 2010

Page Count: 176

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