The Land Birds of Southeast Brazil: Three-Disc set [CD-Rom]

by REMOLD, Heinz
The Land Birds of Southeast Brazil: Three-Disc set [CD-Rom]

The Land Birds of Southeast Brazil: Three-Disc set [CD-Rom]

by REMOLD, Heinz

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This digital catalog covers all the landbirds found in the coastal region of south east Brazil extending from the Sao Paulo State border in the south to Rio de Janiero in the North to include all species found in the Atlantic coastal forest, the Serra Paranapiacaba, the Serra do Mar, the Serra Mantiquera, adjacent intermontane valleys, and the southern portion Paranense plateau. This area has an exceptionally high degree of endemism and includes some of the world's rarest birds such as the recently rediscovered Kinglet Calyptura.

Each species is covered with Heinz Remold's paintings plus some additional photographs and videos, up to six vocalizations and a detailed description. In addition to the species covered, accounts of 40 individual locations where species can be observed are given and a checklist is provided for each. Distribution maps for each species are based on these checklists. An additional 160 locations are referenced in the text and a quick map lookup for each of these is provided. A list of publications is referenced including directly accessible internet references. One-click Internet searching for additional information on each species is also included.

Photos, maps, songs. For each bird species that it lists, this digital catalog includes a distribution map, individual bird song recordings, and watercolor sketches of male and female birds. Multimedia Checklist. CD Rom.

System requirements: This software will run on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and 7. It will not work with Windows 3.1 A screen resolution of 1024/768 is recommended for best quality pictures. A monitor of 15 inches diagonal or better is also recommended.

Publisher: Heinz Remold

Year of Publication: 2011

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