Capturing the Essence: Techniques for Bird Artists

by COOPER, William T.
Capturing the Essence: Techniques for Bird Artists

Capturing the Essence: Techniques for Bird Artists

by COOPER, William T.

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In this stunningly beautiful book, bird artist William T. Cooper explores and demonstrates all aspects of drawing and painting birds. Renowned for his gorgeous and accurate wildlife renderings, Cooper here explains in detail how to create a true impression of a bird's appearance. The author describes his own experiences among birds in the wild, discusses bird anatomy, and lays out the essential principles of realistic painting. He guides both seasoned artists and enthusiastic beginners through all the techniques and processes involved in depicting birds anywhere in the world.

In the first part of the book, Cooper covers materials, bird anatomy, methods of working from captive birds (in zoos, for example), and methods for working in the field. He places special emphasis on the artist's understanding of the subject and how this knowledge can be transformed into drawings and paintings. The second part of the book deals with watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints, explaining for each medium the step-by-step processes leading from beginning sketches to finished work.

William T. Cooper is a freelance artist specializing in birds. For over forty years he has illustrated wildlife books and exhibited artworks to international acclaim. He lives in Queensland, Australia.

ISBN: 9780300176261

Publisher: Yale University Press

Year of Publication: 2011

Page Count: 128

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