Raptors of the West Captured in Photographs

by DAVIS, Kate
Raptors of the West Captured in Photographs

Raptors of the West Captured in Photographs

by DAVIS, Kate

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Winner, National Outdoor Book Award.

With their striking looks, keen vision, and hunting prowess, the birds of prey -eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls - have long captured the human imagination. Now this collection of some of the most remarkable and action-packed raptor photographs ever taken, can inspire your own imagination to take flight. This book, the latest collaboration by award- winning photographers Rob Palmer and Nick Dunlop and author/photographer Kate Davis, is a glorious photographic ode to the forty-four birds of prey that roam the skies of the American West.

Instead of grouping the birds by type - owls with owls, hawks with hawks - the book has chapters arranged by the habitat type and region where each bird spends the breeding season. Whether you're enjoying these pages from the comfort of your own armchair or taking a trip to the field you can see which birds to look for in that area - Swainson's Hawks soar over grasslands next to Prairie Falcons while Cooper's Hawks share mature forests with Flammulated Owls. While the 400-plus stunning color photographs are enough to set this book apart on their own, Davis's informative and entertaining text completes the picture.


Author, educator, and artist Kate Davis is the founder and executive director of Raptors of the Rockies, appearing with her birds in dozens of educational programs every year at schools and public events. Her previous books include Falcons of North America and Raptors of the Rockies.

"To gaze into the deep brown eyes of a falcon is to see one's own being reflected in the life of another creature. The images in this collection will excite your imagination, edify you, and hold you enraptured as you view our western raptors in their natural landscapes." - Tom Cade, Founder of the Peregrine Fund and author of The Falcons of the World.

Our Opinion: The photographs in this book are not only strikingly beautiful, but reveal the habits and habitat of each species as well as nests and young. The text accompanying each photo demonstrate the knowledge and understanding these authors have in these wonderful birds.

ISBN: 9780878425754

Publisher: Mountain Press Publishing Co.

Year of Publication: 2011

Page Count: 242

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