Birds of Ghana [Helm Field Guides]

by Borrow, Nik and Ron Demey
Birds of Ghana [Helm Field Guides]

Birds of Ghana [Helm Field Guides]

by Borrow, Nik and Ron Demey

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
Ghana is one of the safest and most accessible countries in Western Africa and is rapidly becoming a top tourist destination. This dedicated country field guide uses illustrations from the acclaimed Birds of Western Africa, which have been recomposed into a new set of plates, with new text and maps specific to Ghana. The result is a compact and up-to-date guide to all the birds of Ghana. It is the first to address the needs of Ghana's fast growing network of local birdwatchers and wildlife clubs.
  • First ever field guide to the birds of Ghana, including neighboring Togo
  • Covers 758 species, including all residents, migrants and vagrants
  • Almost 2,000 illustrations on 145 color plates, depicting every species and many distinct plumages and races
  • Concise text on facing pages highlights key identification features, including habitat, behavior, and voice
  • Up-to-date color distribution maps for each species.

About the Authors:
Nik Borrow and Ron Demey are recognised authorities on the birds of Western Africa and are the authors of the highly acclaimed Birds of Western Africa (Helm).

ISBN: 9781408122792

Publisher: Christopher Helm

Year of Publication: 2010

Page Count: 352

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