Utah Maps: Great Salt Lake Birding Trails

Utah Maps: Great Salt Lake Birding Trails

Utah Maps: Great Salt Lake Birding Trails

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
These great little full-color maps provide information on approximately 48 birding hot spots for each of the regions covered.

Northern Utah is a diverse area providing habitats for over 200 bird species. Birding is good all year long as different species are observed during the spring and fall migrations compared to the nesting season or the wintering season. For the most part the area is arid. As a result, birds and people tend to congregate around water. Water comes in many forms including the clear cold water of the high mountain streams, the relatively warm water of the many man-made reservoirs, the brackish water of marshes and the salt water of the Great Salt Lake. The shoreline (riparian) vegetation is often the richest in bird diversity.

This northern Utah guide covers habitats from the approximately 4,200 foot elevation of the Great Salt Lake to the alpine area of Naomi Peak at 9,980 and Mount Nebo at 11,877 feet in elevation. Though a book-length document could be written to describe the habitat diversity of the area, just habitat names are listed with each birding site. In northern Utah you can traverse habitats such as tundra, alpine lakes, lush mountain meadows, beautiful spruce-fir forests, aspen groves, colorful hillsides covered with wildflowers, brushlands of gambel oak and bigtooth maple, extensive pinyon-juniper woodlands, fast-flowing mountain streams, manmade reservoirs, rich riparian areas, arid rocky ridges, sagebrush rangelands, cottonwood gallery forests, saltbrush flats, freshwater marshlands, and barren salt flats before reaching the uniquely diverse and vast salt water of the Great Salt Lake.

Publisher: Wasatch Audubon Society

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