Birdsongs of Papua New Guinea [CD]

by CONNOP, Scott

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Birdsongs of Papua New Guinea [CD]

Birdsongs of Papua New Guinea [CD]

by CONNOP, Scott

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With a geographic bird list of close to 750 species, the island boasts a 44% rate of endemism. Accompanying booklet lists common and scientific names, location where recorded, and background identifications. \r\n

This CD contains 99 species; primary consideration for species inclusion is always based on the importance of a knowledge of sound in the discovery and verification of birds where sound plays a significant role in their behaviour. Secondary to this is the usefulness of including species that have a strong propensity for common or constant vocalization. In short, many of these birds are often more easily sought by sound than by sight. CD.

Publisher: Turaco Nature

Year of Publication: 2008

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