Bird Songs of Florida (CD)

by Keller, Geoffrey E.

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Bird Songs of Florida (CD)

Bird Songs of Florida (CD)

by Keller, Geoffrey E.

Format: CD

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An audio guide covering 109 bird species, including such characteristic Florida species as Wood Stork, Short-tailed Hawk, Limpkin, Smooth-billed Ani, Antillean Nighthawk, Gray Kingbird, Florida Scrub-Jay, and Black-whiskered Vireo. This sound guide is designed as an audio companion to your favorite field guide as well as to books such as the American Birding Association's A Birder's Guide to Florida by Bill Pranty. This recording is a must-have for birders traveling to the state.

ISBN: 0938027395

Publisher: Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Year of Publication: 2003

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Series: Cornell Lab of Ornithology