The Bee-eaters

by Fry, C. Hilary

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The Bee-eaters

The Bee-eaters

by Fry, C. Hilary

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Complete natural history of 42 species and sub-species.

Dr. Hilary Fry's study of the bee-eaters covers all 24 species of this colorful Family which ranges from southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to India, China, south-east Asia, and Australia.

A major part of the book comprises the species accounts, with complementary color plates of 42 species and sub-species and detailed maps depicting the geography of their evolution. In addition there are chapters on the bee-eaters' evolutionary development, their food and foraging behavior, and relationships with apiculture; of particular interest are chapters on social and reproductive life, the role of 'helpers' at the nest, and the meaning of plumage and social distinctions between the species.

The author's color plates delight the eye and accurately portray plumage and 'jizz'. They are fully supplemented by more than 100 drawings by John Busby, capturing the essence of these birds with a rare deftness and vitality. 8 color plates, drawings by John Busby, and large-format distribution maps.

ISBN: 0931130115

Publisher: Buteo Books

Year of Publication: 1984

Page Count: 304

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