Current Ornithology: Volume 6

by Power, Dennis M.
Current Ornithology: Volume 6

Current Ornithology: Volume 6

by Power, Dennis M.

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As new hardcover. Chapters Include: Mortality Patterns, Sex Ratios, and Parental Investment in Monogamous Bird by Breitwisch; The Evolution of Conspicuous and Distinctive Coloration for Communication in Birds by Butcher and Rohwer; Atmospheric Structure and Avian Migration by Kerlinger and Moore; Passerine Migration Between the Palearctic and Africa by Lovei; Bilogy and Conservation of the California Condor by Snyder; Olfactory Orientation by Birds by Waldvogel. Many of the volumes in this series are out of print, and prices are subject to change. Please contact us to check availability.

ISBN: 0306430568

Publisher: Kluwer Academic/Plenum

Year of Publication: 1989

Page Count: 332

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