Grebes: Podicipedidae. Bird Families of the World

by Fjeldsa, Jon
Grebes: Podicipedidae. Bird Families of the World

Grebes: Podicipedidae. Bird Families of the World

by Fjeldsa, Jon

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Oxford Bird Families of the World Series Volume 12. 16 color paintings by the author illuminate this reference work, along with 116 drawings illustrating special features and behavior.

Grebes are unusual and fascinating birds, with spectacular courtship behavior and floating nests which enable them to spend their entire lives in water. In Grebes , Fjeldsa provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of their origin and evolution, biology, and how they have adapted to exploit their environment, beautifally illustrated with maps, line figures, and his own stunning full-color paintings.

  • Bird Families of the World is a multivolume series of handbooks, intended to serve the interests of both the professional scientist and the ever-growing body of amateur ornithologists. Each volume provides a comprehensive and accurate synthesis of our knowledge of one bird family or several related families
  • Four general chapters on the biology, feeding ecology, breeding behaviour, evolutionary relationships, and conservation of the birds in the family
  • 16 specially commissioned colour plates by Jon Fjeldsa, showing adults of all species and many juveniles, immatures and subspecies
  • 116 black-and-white drawings illustrating special features and behaviour
  • Descriptions of each species individually, including appearance, weights, and measurements; field characters; voice; habitat and food; breeding behaviour; life cycle; and range and status (with distribution map), providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date species-level information available
  • Full bibliography and index

About the Author:
Jon Fjeldså is the Professor of Biodiversity at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the systematics and biogeography of birds, with special emphasis on the tropical Andes region of South America and eastern Africa. He also teaches tropical ecology. Professor Fjeldsa is an experienced author, with five previous ornithological titles to his name, covering a wide range of topics.

ISBN: 0198500645

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year of Publication: 2004

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Series: Oxford Bird Families of the World