Madagascar: Travel Map

Madagascar: Travel Map

Madagascar: Travel Map

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Edition: 6th Edition

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2019, 6th edition. ITMB maps are often the best maps available for the regions covered. Scale: 1:1,000,000. ITMB publishes folded travel maps in color with multiple levels of highways and roads, often including seasonal roads and tracks. Color changes show elevation levels. Maps include national parks, eco-tourist sites, and other places of interest. Icons locate archeological sites, hotels, museums, beaches, active volcanoes, surfings sites, filling stations, bird sanctuaries, border crossings, palm groves, lighthouses, reefs, swamps. Icons distinguish international airports, domestic airports and landing strips. Index to help locate towns and cities. Latitude/longitude grid.

ISBN: 9781771294720

Publisher: ITMB Publishing Ltd.

Year of Publication: 2019

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