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A. POOLE and F. GILL, Editors

In 1992 the American Ornithologists' Union in partnership with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia undertook the publication of species accounts for each of the more than 700 species which breed in the United States and Canada. These illustrated reviews provide comprehensive summaries of the current knowledge of the species, with range maps and an extensive list of references.

Accounts are priced at $7.50 each, with the exception of a few double accounts, which are noted as such, that cost $15. All 716 accounts are listed in taxonomic order below (rearranged to conform with the Seventh Edition of the A.O.U. Check-list of North American Birds). The item number is the unique number for that species account; accounts are numbered in order of publication. Singles may be ordered by calling Buteo Books at 800-722-2460, sending an e-mail to, or writing to Buteo Books, 3130 Laurel Road, Shipman, VA 22971. Our fax number is: 434-263-4842. Postage and handling within the U.S. is $4 for the first profile and $1 for each additional profile to a maximum shipping cost of $10 per order. International orders: 8 to 10 single accounts will fit in a Global Priority Airmail envelope for $12.50 to Canada, or $14.50 for all other available countries.


BNA513. Red-throated Loon. Jack F. Barr, Christine Eberl, & Judith W. McIntyre. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA657. Pacific Loon/Arctic Loon. R.W. Russell. 2002. 40 pp.
BNA313. Common Loon. Judith W. McIntyre & Jack F. Barr. 1997. 32 pp. Reprint
BNA121. Yellow-billed Loon. Michael R. North. 1994. 24 pp.
BNA24. Least Grebe. Robert W. Storer. 1992. 12 pp.
BNA410. Pied-billed Grebe. Martin J. Muller and Robert W. Storer. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA505. Horned Grebe. Stephen J. Stedman. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA465. Red-necked Grebe. Bonnie E. Stout and Gary L. Nuechterlein. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA433. Eared Grebe. S.A. Cullen, J.R. Jehl Jr., and G.L. Nuechterlein. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA26. Western Grebe/Clark's Grebe. R.W. Storer & G.L. Nuechterlein. 1992. 24 pp.
BNA66. Laysan Albatross. G. Causey Whittow. 1993. 20 pp.
BNA65. Black-footed Albatross. G. Causey Whittow. 1993. 16 pp.
BNA361. Northern Fulmar. Scott A. Hatch & David N. Nettleship. 1998. 32 pp.
BNA345. Dark-rumped Petrel. Theodore R. Simons & Cathleen N. Hodges. 1998. 24 pp.
BNA385. Bonin Petrel. Nanette W.H. Seto and Donna O'Daniel. 1999. 16 pp.
BNA281. Bulwer's Petrel. Jennifer L. Megyesi & Donna L. O'Daniel. 1997.24 pp.
BNA305. Wedge-tailed Shearwater. G. Causey Whittow. 1997. 24 pp.
BNA561. Christmas Shearwater. Nanette W. H. Seto. 2001. 16 pp.
BNA257. Manx Shearwater. David S. Lee & J. Christopher Haney. 1996. 28 pp.
BNA297. Townsend's and Newell's Shearwater. D.G. Ainley, T.C. Telfer, & M.H. Reynolds. 1997. 20 pp.
BNA 521. Black-vented Shearwater. Bradford Keitt, Bernie Tershy, & Donald Croll. 2000. 16 pp.
BNA569. Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel. P. Dee Boersma and Monica C. Silva. 2001. 28 pp.
BNA233. Leach's Storm-Petrel. C.E. Huntington, R.G. Butler, and R.A. Mauck. 1996. 32 pp.
BNA185. Ashy Storm-Petrel. David Ainley, 1995. 12 pp.
BNA673. Band-rumped Storm-Petrel and Tristram's Storm-Petrel. J.W. Slotterback. 2002. 28 pp.
BNA577. Black Storm-Petrel. David G. Ainley and William T. Everett. 2001. 16 pp.
BNA353. White-tailed Tropicbird. David S. Lee & Marhta Walsh-McGehee. 1998. 24 pp.
BNA43. Red-tailed Tropicbird. E.A. Schreiber and R.W. Schreiber. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA73. Masked Booby. David J. Anderson. 1993. 16 pp.
BNA649. Brown Booby. E.A. Schreiber and R.L. Norton. 2002.
BNA241. Red-footed Booby. E.A. Schreiber, R.W. Schreiber, & G.A. Schenk. 1996. 24 pp.
BNA693. Northern Gannet. T.B. Mowbray. 28 pp. 2003.
BNA57. American White Pelican. Roger M. Evans and Fritz L. Knopf. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA609. Brown Pelican. M. Shields. 2002. 36 pp.
BNA362. Brandt's Cormorant. Elizabeth A.H. Wallace & George E. Wallace. 1998. 28 pp.
BNA137. Neotropic Cormorant. R.C. Telfair & M.L. Morrison. 1995. 24 pp.
BNA441. Double-crested Cormorant. Jeremy J. Hatch and D.V. Weseloh. 1999. 36 pp.
BNA553. Great Cormorant. Jeremy Hatch, Kevin Brown, Geoffrey Hogan, and Ralph Morris. 2000. 32 pp.
BNA617. Red-faced Cormorant. C. Causey. 2002. 16 pp.
BNA282. Pelagic Cormorant. Keith A. Hobson. 1997. 28 pp.
BNA522. Anhinga. Peter C. Frederick and Douglas Siegel-Causey. 2000. 24 pp.
BNA601. Magnificent Frigatebird. Antony W. Diamond and Elizabeth A. Schreiber. 2002. 24 pp.
BNA681. Great Frigatebird. V.G. Metz and E.A. Schreiber. 24 pp. 2003.
BNA18. American Bittern. J.P. Gibbs, S. Melvin, and F.A. Reid. 1992. 12 pp.
BNA17. Least Bittern. J.P. Gibbs, F.A. Reid, and S.M. Melvin. 1992. 12 pp.
BNA25. Great Blue Heron. Robert W. Butler. 1992. 20 pp.
BNA570. Great Egret. Donald A. McCrimmon, Jr., John C. Ogden, and G. Thomas Bancroft. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA489. Snowy Egret. Katharine C. Parsons and Terry L. Master. 2000. 24 pp.
BNA145. Little Blue Heron. James A. Rodgers, Jr. and Henry T. Smith. 1995. 32 pp.
BNA306. Tricolored Heron. Peter C. Frederick. 1997. 28 pp.
BNA633. Reddish Egret. P.E. Lowther and R.T. Paul. 2002. 20 pp.
BNA113. Cattle Egret. Raymond C. Telfair, II. 1994. 32 pp.
BNA129. Green Heron. W.E. Davis, Jr. & J.A. Kushlan. 1994. 24 pp.
BNA74. Black-crowned Night-Heron. William E. Davis, Jr. 1993. 20 pp.
BNA161. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. Bryan D. Watts. 1995. 24 pp.
BNA9. White Ibis. James A. Kushlan and Keith L. Bildstein. 1992. 20 pp.
BNA545. Glossy Ibis. William E. Davis, Jr. and John Kricher. 2000. 20 pp.
BNA130. White-faced Ibis. Ronald R. Ryder & David E. Manry. 1994. 24 pp.
BNA490. Roseate Spoonbill. Jeannette V. Dumas. 2000. 32 pp.
BNA409. Wood Stork. M. C. Coulter, J.A. Rodgers, J.C. Ogden, & F.C. Depkin. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA411. Black Vulture. Neil J. Buckley. 1999. 24 pp.
BNA339. Turkey Vulture. David A. Kirk & Michael J. Mossman. 1998. 32 pp.
BNA610. California Condor. N.F.R. Snyder and N.J. Schmitt. 2002. 36 pp.
BNA578. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck. J. Dale James and Jonathan E. Thompson. 2001. 20 pp.
BNA562. Fulvous Whistling-Duck. William L. Hohman and Sarah A. Lee. 2001. 24 pp.
BNA131. Greater White-fronted Goose. C.R. Elly & A.X. Dzubin. 1994. 32 pp.
BNA97. Emperor Goose. M.R. Petersen, J.A. Schmutz, and R.F. Rockwell. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA514. Snow Goose. Thomas B. Mowbray, Fred Cooke, & Barbara Ganter. 2000. 40 pp.
BNA162. Ross' Goose. John P. Ryder and Ray T. Alisauskas. 1995. 28 pp.
BNA682. Canada Goose. T.B. Mowbray, C.R. Ely, J.S. Sedinger, and R.E. Trost. 44 pp. 2003.
BNA434. Hawaiian Goose (Nene). Paul Banko, Jeffrey M. Black, and Winston E. Banko. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA337. Brant. A. Reed, D.H. Ward, D.V. Derksen, & J.S. Sedinger. 1998. 32pp
BNA273. Mute Swan. Micahel A. Ciaranca, Charles C. Allin & Gwilym S. Jones. 1997. 28 pp.
BNA105. Trumpeter Swan. Carl D. Mitchell. 1994. 24 pp.
BNA89. Tundra Swan. R.J. Limpert and S.L. Earnst. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA169. Wood Duck. Gary R. Hepp and Frank C. Bellrose. 24 pp. Reprint
BNA283. Gadwall. C.R. Leschack, S.K. McKnight, & G.R. Hepp. 1997. 28pp.
BNA401. American Wigeon. Thomas Mowbray. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA481. American Black Duck. J. R. Longcore, D. G. Mcauley, G. R. Hepp, & J. M. Rhymer. 2000. 36 pp.
BNA658. Mallard. Nancy Drilling, Rodger Titman, and Frank McKinney. 2002. 44 pp.
BNA81. Mottled Duck. T.E. Moorman and P.N. Gray. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA694. Hawaiian Duck. A. Engilis, Jr., K.J. Uyehara, and J.G. Giffin. 20 pp. 2003.
BNA242. Laysan Duck. Daniel W. Moulton and Ann P. Marshall. 1996. 20 pp.
BNA625. Blue-winged Teal. R.C. Rohwer, W.P. Johnson, and E.R. Loos. 2002. 36 pp.
BNA209. Cinnamon Teal. James H. Gammonley. 1996. 20 pp.
BNA217. Northern Shoveler. Paul J. Dubowy. 1996. 24 pp.
BNA163. Northern Pintail. Jane E. Austin and Michael R. Miller. 1995. 32 pp.
BNA193. Green-winged Teal. Kevin Johnson. 1995. 20 pp.
BNA659. Canvasback. T.B. Mowbray. 2002. 40 pp.
BNA695. Redhead. M.C. Woodin and T.C. Michot. 40 pp. 2003.
BNA329. Ring-necked Duck. William L. Hohman & Robert T. Eberhardt. 1998. 32 pp.
BNA650. Greater Scaup. B. Kessel, D.A. Rocque, and J.S. Barclay. 2002. 23 pp.
BNA338. Lesser Scaup. James E. Austin, Christine M. Custer, & Alan D. Afton. 1998. 32 pp.
BNA571. Steller's Eider. Leigh H. Frederickson. 2001. 24 pp.
BNA547. Spectacled Eider. Margaret R. Petersen, J. Barry Grand, and Christian P. Dau. 2000. 24 pp.
BNA491. King Eider. Robert S. Suydam. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA546. Common Eider. R. Ian Goudie, Gregory J. Robertson, and Austin Reed. 2000. 32 pp.
BNA466. Harlequin Duck. Gregory J. Robertson and R. Ian Goudie. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA307. Labrador Duck. Glen Chilton. 1997. 12 pp.
BNA363. Surf Scoter. Jean-Pierre L. Savard, Daniel Bordage, & Austin Reed. 1998. 28 pp.
BNA274. White-winged Scoter. Patrick W. Brown & Leigh H. Fredrickson. 1997. 28 pp.
BNA177. Black Scoter. Daniel Bordage & Jean-Pierre L. Savard. 1995. 20 pp.
BNA651. Long-tailed Duck. G.J. Robertson and J.P.L. Savard. 2002. 28 pp.
BNA67. Bufflehead. Gilles Gauthier. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA170. Common Goldeneye. J.M. Eadie, M.L. Mallory, and H.G. Lumsden. 1995. 32 pp.
BNA548. Barrow's Goldeneye. John M. Eadie, Jean-Pierre L. Savard, and Mark L. Mallory. 2000. 32 pp.
BNA98. Hooded Merganser. B.D. & K.M. Dugger, and L.H. Fredrickson. 1994. 24 pp.
BNA442. Common Merganser. Mark Mallory and Karen Metz. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA443. Red-breasted Merganser. Rodger D. Titman. 1999. 24 pp.
BNA393. Masked Duck. Jack C. Eitniear. 1999. 12 pp.
BNA696. Ruddy Duck. R.B. Brua. 32 pp. 2003.
BNA683. Osprey. A.F. Poole, R.O. Bierregaard, and M.S. Martell. 44 pp. 2003.
BNA138. Swallow-tailed Kite. Kenneth D. Meyer. 1995. 24 pp.
BNA178. White-tailed Kite. Jeffrey R. Dunk. 1995. 16 pp.
BNA171. Snail Kite. P.W. Sykes, Jr., J.A. Rodgers, Jr., and R.E. Bennetts. 1995. 32 pp. Reprint
BNA402. Mississippi Kite. James W. Parker. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA506. Bald Eagle. David A. Buehler. 2000. 40 pp. *double-size account $15.00; Reprint
BNA210. Northern Harrier. R. Bruce MacWhirter & Keith L. Bildstein. 1996. 32 pp.
BNA482. Sharp-shinned Hawk. Keith L. Bildstein and Ken Meyer. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA75. Cooper's Hawk. R.N. Rosenfield and J. Bielefeldt. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA298. Northern Goshawk. John R. Squires & Richard T. Reynolds. 1997. 32 pp.
BNA652. Gray Hawk. B.D. Bibles, R.L. Glinski, and R.R. Johnson. 2002. 16 pp.
BNA122. Common Black-Hawk. Jay H. Schnell. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA146. Harris' Hawk. James C. Bednarz. 1995. 24 pp.
BNA107. Red-shouldered Hawk. Scott T. Crocoll. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA218. Broad-winged Hawk. L.J. Goodrich, S.C. Crocoll, & S.E. Senner. 1996. 28 pp.
BNA674. Short-tailed Hawk. K.E. Miller and K.D. Meyer. 2002. 16 pp.
BNA265. Swainson's Hawk. A. Sidney England, Marc J. Bechard, & C. Stuart Houston. 1997. 28 pp.
BNA30. White-tailed Hawk. C. Craig Farquhar. 1992. 20 pp.
BNA529. Zone-tailed Hawk. R. Roy Johnson, Richard L. Glinski, & Sumner W. Matteson. 2000. 20 pp.
BNA523. Hawaiian Hawk. Kenneth E. Clarkson and Leona P. Laniawe. 2000. 16 pp.
BNA52. Red-tailed Hawk. C.R. Preston and R.D. Beane. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA172. Ferruginous Hawk. Marc J. Bechard and Josef K. Schmutz. 1995. 20 pp. Reprint
BNA641. Rough-legged Hawk. M.J. Bechard and T.R. Swem. 2002. 32 pp.
BNA684. Golden Eagle. M.N. Kochert, K. Steenhof, C.L. McIntyre, and E.H. Craig. 44 pp. 2003.
BNA249. Crested Caracara. Joan L. Morrison. 1996. 28 pp.
BNA602. American Kestrel. John A. Smallwood and David M. Bird. 2002. 32 pp.
BNA44. Merlin. N.S. Sodhi, L. Oliphant, P. James, and I. Warkentin. 1993. 20 pp.
BNA549. Aplomado Falcon. Dean P. Keddy-Hector. 2000. 20 pp.
BNA114. Gyrfalcon. Nancy J. Clum and Tom J. Cade. 1994. 28 pp.
BNA660. Peregrine Falcon. C.M. White, N.J. Clum, T.J. Cade, and W.G. Hunt. 2002. 48 pp.
BNA346. Prairie Falcon. Karen Steenhof. 1998. 28 pp. Reprint
BNA550. Plain Chachalaca. Markus J. Peterson. 2000. 24 pp.
BNA258. Chukar. Glen C. Christensen. 1996. 20 pp.
394-396. Gray Francolin, Black Francolin, Erckel's Francolin. Kamal Islam. 1999. 24 pp. Double account - $15.00
BNA328. Himalayan Snowcock. Glen C. Christensen. 1998. 16 pp.
BNA572. Ring-necked Pheasant. John H. Guidice and John T. Ratti. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA58. Gray Partridge ed. John P. Carroll. 1993. 20 pp.
BNA377. Common Peafowl. Ragupathy Kannan and Douglas A. James. 1998. 16 pp.
BNA515. Ruffed Grouse. Donald Rusch, Stephen Destafano, Michael Reynolds, & David Lauten. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA425. Sage Grouse. M.A. Schroeder, J.R. Young, and C.E. Braun. 1999. 28 pp. Reprint
BNA5. Spruce Grouse. D.A. Boag and M.A. Schroeder. 1992. 28 pp.
BNA369. Willow Ptarmigan. S.J. Hannon, P. K. Eason, & K. Martin. 1998. 28 pp.
BNA51. Rock Ptarmigan. K. Holder and R. Montgomerie. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA68. White-tailed Ptarmigan. C.E. Braun, K. Martin. and L.A. Robb. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA15. Blue Grouse. Fred C. Zwickel. 1992. 28 pp.
BNA354. Sharp-tailed Grouse. J.W. Connelly, M.W. Gratson, & K.P. Reese. 1998. 20 pp.
BNA36. Greater Prairie-Chicken. M.A. Schroeder and L.A. Robb. 1993. 24 pp.
BNA364. Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Kenneth M. Giesen. 1998. 20 pp.
BNA22. Wild Turkey. Stephen W. Eaton. 1992. 28 pp.
BNA457. Mountain Quail. R.J. Gutiérrez and David J. Delehanty. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA106. Scaled Quail. Sanford D. Scheminitz. 1994. 16 pp.
BNA473. California Quail. Jennifer D. Calkins, Julie C. Hagelin, and Dale F. Lott. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA321. Gambel's Quail. David E. Brown, Julie C. Hagelin, Mark Taylor, & Jill Galloway. 1998. 24pp
BNA397. Northern Bobwhite. Leonard A. Brennan. 1999. 28 pp. Reprint
BNA524. Montezuma Quail. Mark R. Stromberg. 2000. 20 pp.
BNA139. Yellow Rail. Theodore A. Bookhout. 1995. 16 pp.
BNA123. Black Rail. W.R. Eddleman, R.E. Flores, & M.L. Legare. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA340. Clapper Rail. William R. Eddleman & Courtney J. Conway. 1998. 32 pp.
BNA3. King Rail. Brooke Meanley. 1992. 12 pp.
BNA173. Virginia Rail. Courtney J. Conway. 1995. 20 pp.
BNA426. Hawaiian and Laysan Rail. Storrs L. Olson. 1999. 20 pp.
BNA250. Sora. Scott M. Melvin and James P. Gibbs. 1996. 20 pp.
BNA626. Purple Gallinule. R.L. West and G.K. Hess. 2002. 28 pp.
BNA685. Common Moorhen. B.K. Bannor and E. Kiviat. 28 pp. 2003.
BNA697. Hawaiian Coot and American Coot. I.L. Brisbin, Jr., H.D. Pratt, and T.B. Mobray. 44 pp. 2003.
BNA627. Limpkin. D.C. Bryan. 2002. 24 pp.
BNA31. Sandhill Crane. T.C. Tacha, S.A. Nesbitt, and P.A. Vohs. 1992. 24 pp.
BNA153. Whooping Crane. James C. Lewis. 1995. 28 pp.
BNA186. Black-bellied Plover. D.R. Paulson. 1995. 28 pp. Reprint
201-202. American/Pacific Golden-Plover. Oscar W. Johnson & Peter G. Connors. 1996. 40 pp. Double account - $15.00
BNA154. Snowy Plover. G.W. Page, J.S. Warriner, J.C. Warriner, & P.W.C. Paton. 1995. 24 pp. Reprint
BNA516. Wilson's Plover. Carol A. Corbat & Peter W. Bergstrom. 2000. 16 pp.
BNA444. Semipalmated Plover. Erica Nol and Michele S. Blanken. 1999. 24 pp.
BNA2. Piping Plover. Susan M. Haig. 1992. 18 pp.
BNA517. Killdeer. Bette J. S. Jackson & Jerome A. Jackson. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA211. Mountain Plover. Fritz L. Knopf. 1996. 16 pp.
BNA82. American Oystercatcher. Erica Nol and Robert C. Humphrey. 1994. 24 pp.
BNA155. Black Oystercatcher. Brad A. Andres and Gary A. Falxa. 1995. 20 pp.
BNA449. Black-necked Stilt. Julie A. Robinson, J. Michael Reed, Joseph P. Skorupa, & Lewis W. Oring. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA275. American Avocet. J.A. Robinson, L.W. Oring, J.P. Skorupa, & R. Boettcher. 1997. 32 pp.
BNA467. Northern Jacana. Donald A. Jenni and Terrence R. Mace. 1999. 20 pp.
BNA355. Greater Yellowlegs. Chris S. Elphick & T. Lee Tibbitts. 1998. 24 pp.
BNA427. Lesser Yellowlegs. T. Lee Tibbitts and William Moskoff. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA156. Solitary Sandpiper. William Moskoff. 1995. 16 pp.
BNA579. Willet. Peter E. Lowther, Hector D. Douglas III, and Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA642. Wandering Tattler. R.E. Gill, B.J. McCaffery, and P.S. Tomkovich. 2002. 32 pp.
BNA289. Spotted Sandpiper. L.W. Oring, E.M. Gray, & J.M. Reed. 1997. 32 pp.
BNA580. Upland Sandpiper. C. Stuart Houston and Daniel E. Bowen, Jr. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA347. Eskimo Curlew. Robert E. Gill, Jr., Pablo Canevari, & Eve H. Iversen. 1998. 28 pp. Reprint
BNA219. Whimbrel. Margaret A. Skeel & Elizabeth P. Mallory. 1996. 28 pp.
BNA705. Bristle-thighed Curlew. J.S. Marks, T.L. Tibbitts, R.E. Gill, and B.J. McCaffery. 36 pp. 2003.
BNA628. Long-billed Curlew. B.D. Dugger and K.M. Dugger. 2002. 28 pp.
BNA629. Hudsonian Godwit. C.S. Elphick and J. Klima. 2002. 32 pp.
BNA581. Bar-tailed Godwit. Brian McCaffery and Robert Gill. 2001. 36 pp.
BNA492. Marbled Godwit. Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor. 2000. 24 pp. Reprint
BNA537. Ruddy Turnstone. David N. Nettleship. 2000. 32 pp.
BNA585. Black Turnstone. Colleen M. Handel and Robert E. Gill. 2001. 28 pp.
BNA266. Surfbird. Stanley E. Senner & Brian J. McCaffery. 1997. 20 pp.
BNA563. Red Knot. Brian A. Harrington. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA653. Sanderling. B. MacWhirter, P. Austin-Smith, Jr., and D. Kroodsma. 2002. 28 pp.
BNA6. Semipalmated Sandpiper. Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor. 1992. 20 pp.
BNA90. Western Sandpiper. W. Herbert Wilson. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA115. Least Sandpiper. John M. Cooper. 1994. 28 pp.
BNA29. White-rumped Sandpiper. David F. Parmelee. 1992. 16 pp.
BNA661. Baird's Sandpiper. W. Moskoff. 2002. 20 pp.
BNA348. Pectoral Sandpiper. Richard T. Holmes & Frank A. Pitelka. 1998. 24 pp.
BNA706. Purple Sandpiper. L.X. Payne and E.P. Pierce. 36 pp. 2003.
BNA686. Rock Sandpiper. R.E. Gill, P.S. Tomkovich, and B.J. McCaffery. 40 pp. 2003.
BNA203. Dunlin. Nils D. Warnock & Robert E. Gill. 1996. 24 pp.
BNA341. Stilt Sandpiper. Joanna Klima & Joseph R. Jehl, Jr. 1998. 20 pp.
BNA91. Buff-breasted Sandpiper. R.B. Lanctot and C.D. Laredo. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA564. Short-billed Dowitcher. Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., Joanna Klima, and Ross E. Harris. 2001. 28 pp.
BNA493. Long-billed Dowitcher. John Y. Takekawa and Nils Warnock. 2000. 20 pp.
BNA417. Common Snipe. Helmut Mueller. 1999. 20 pp.
BNA100. American Woodcock. D.M. Keppie and R.M. Whiting, Jr. 1994. 28 pp.
BNA83. Wilson's Phalarope. M.A. Colwell and J.R. Jehl, Jr. 1994. 20 pp.
BNA538. Red-necked Phalarope. Margaret A. Rubega, Douglas Schamel, & Diane M. Tracy. 2000. 28 pp.
BNA698. Red Phalarope. D.M. Tracy, D. Schamel, and J. Dale. 32 pp. 2003.
BNA483. Pomarine Jaeger. R. Haven Wiley and David S. Lee. 2000. 24 pp.
BNA445. Parasitic Jaeger. R. Haven Wiley and David S. Lee. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA365. Long-tailed Jaeger. R. Haven Wiley & David S. Lee. 1998. 24 pp.
BNA225. Laughing Gull. Joanna Burger. 1996. 28 pp.
BNA116. Franklin's Gull. Joanna Burger and Michael Gochfeld. 1994. 28 pp.
BNA428. Little Gull. Peter J. Ewins and D.V> Chip Weseloh. 1999. 20 pp.
BNA634. Bonaparte's Gull. J. Burger and M. Gochfeld. 2002. 24 pp.
BNA643. Heermann's Gull. K. Islam. 2002. 16 pp.
BNA687. Mew Gull. W. Moskoff and L.R. Bevier. 28 pp. 2003.
BNA33. Ring-billed Gull. John P. Ryder. 1993. 28 pp.
BNA259. California Gull. David W. Winkler. 1996. 28 pp.
BNA124. Herring Gull. R.J. Pierotti & T.P. Good. 1994. 28 pp.
BNA699. Iceland Gull and Thayer's Gull. R.R. Snell. 36 pp. 2003.
BNA243. Yellow-footed Gull. Michael A. Patten. 1996. 20 pp.
BNA174. Western Gull. Raymond J. Pierotti and Cynthia A. Annett. 1995. 24 pp.
BNA59. Glaucous-winged Gull. N.A.M. Verbeek. 1993. 20 pp.
BNA573. Glaucous Gull. H. Grant Gilchrist. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA330. Great Black-backed Gull. Thomas P. Good. 1998. 32
BNA593. Sabine's Gull. Robert H. Day, Ian J. Stenhouse, and H. Grant Gilchrist. 2001. 32 pp.
BNA92. Black-legged Kittiwake. Pat Herron Baird. 1994. 28 pp.
BNA60. Red-legged Kittiwake. G.V. Byrd and J.C. Williams. 1993. 12 pp.
BNA175. Ivory Gull. J. Christopher Haney and Stewart D. MacDonald. 1995. 24 pp.
BNA403. Caspian Tern. Francesca J. Cuthbert and Linda R. Wires. 1999. 32 pp.
BNA700. Royal Tern. P.A. Buckley and F.G. Buckley. 28 pp. 2003.
BNA404. Elegant Tern. Gary P. Burness, Kara Lefevre, & Charles T. Collins. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA405. Sandwich Tern. David Shealer. 1999. 28 pp.
BNA140. Gull-billed Tern. J.F. Parnell, R.M. Erwin, & K.C. Molina. 1995. 20 pp.
BNA370. Roseate Tern. Michael Gochfeld, Joanna Burger, & Ian C.T. Nisbet. 1998. 32 pp.
BNA618. Common Tern. I.C.T. Nisbet. 2002. 40 pp.
BNA707. Arctic Tern. J.J. Hatch. 40 pp. 2003.
BNA595. Forster's Tern. Martin K. McNicholl, Peter E. Lowther, and John A. Hall. 2001. 24 pp.
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BNA304. Java Sparrow. Kamal Islam. 1997. 12 pp. *Reprint

Reprints: These accounts were reprinted by Buteo Books. They are photocopies of the originals, the covers in color and the inside pages in black and white.

NB: Double accounts costs $15 each, and include the following:
198-199. Snow Bunting and McKay's Bunting;
201-202. American/Pacific Golden-Plover;
236-237. Black-backed Wagtail and White Wagtail and
394-396, Erckel's/Black/Gray Francolin.
506. Bald Eagle