SALE! Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars: 10x42 - Orange

Review by Allen Hale

by JAMIE HALE • November 18, 2021

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Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars: 10x42 - Orange

Pre-order Sale: Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars: 10x42 - Orange
$499.00  $399.00

All the benefits of superb Zeiss optics in a compact,ergonomic model at a price that won't break the bank. In stock in time for the holidays.

Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars - Evaluation + Promotion

Over the past 50 years I have purchased binoculars for birdwatching, from a TASCO 7x35 to my current favorites Zeiss Victory SF 8x42. While the latter are quite possibly the best high end bins on the market, they cost more than the first pickup truck I purchased in 1974. As an authorized dealer for Zeiss optics, many customers have asked us for binoculars priced under $500.

I undertook a field test of the Terra ED and compared it with Victory SF. First, let me say that I was astonished with the quality of the optics of the Terras which seemed almost the equivalent of the SFs. And, the Terras are 2.2 ounces lighter and  2.2 inches shorter, which is something to consider.

Now, what qualities do the Victory SFs have over the Terra EDs? The Terras do not have the diopter adjustment to focus for the individual barrels though this makes no difference when viewing with glasses. And, I didn’t notice a difference when using without glasses even though my eyesight is weaker in one eye than the other. The focusing wheel is certainly smoother and quicker with the Victory and its ergonomic balance is definitely superior. Light transmission is 92% in the Victory and 88% in the Terra. Close focusing distance is slightly closer with Victory. Also, the width of field in the Terra is somewhat less. 

In conclusion, I’m somewhat tempted to acquire the Terra Ed 10x42 for my own use - more power, less profile!  The Terra EDs binoculars are robust with superb optics at a very reasonable price. Buteo Books will offer a generous discount on Terra ED binoculars for orders placed before December 10th.

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