Review: The Mammals of Virginia, Second edition

Reviewed by Allen Hale

by Allen Hale • November 19, 2021

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The Mammals of Virginia, Second edition

New Arrival: The Mammals of Virginia, Second edition

The Mammals of Virginia (Second Edition, 2021) by Donald W. Linzey incorporates significant changes that have transpired during the past 23 years since the publication of the First Edition. New species have been recorded in the state, elk have been successfully reintroduced, taxonomic revisions have taken place, range modifications have occurred, and the white-nosed syndrome has had a devastating impact on many species of bats.

The Second Edition has added almost 90 pages of text and additional color plates. The section on ‘Literature Cited and Bibliography of Virginia Mammals’ (118 pages) is probably the most comprehensive of any state mammal book ever published.

Buteo Books is pleased stock this excellent reference work on Virginia’s mammals and will extend a 10% discount on the list price of this book to the first five customers ordering the book who successfully name a mammal that has expanded its range to include Virginia, first being spotted in the state in 2019.

Reviewed by Allen M. Hale

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