New Arrival: Owls of the World

A knowledgeable, scholarly and entertaining compendium of owls that depicts the birds' secret lives.

by JAMIE HALE • October 22, 2018

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Owls of the World

Owls of the World

In this beautiful book, James Duncan explores the behavior and lifecycle of the elusive owl, including courtship, nesting, and the unique adaptations for nocturnal life and predation that make this group of birds such stealthy hunters. Showcasing stunning full-color photographs from around the world, this book touches on a diverse array of the world's 200+ owl species, from the beautiful and highly recognizable Snowy Owl, which thrives on the freezing Arctic tundra, to the secretive and rare Forest Owlet, which haunts the mangroves of India.

Duncan, who has banded more than 2,500 owls during the course of his research, explains why owls' particular physiology - from their ability to rotate their heads 270 degrees in either direction to their soft feathers, camouflaged plumage, and unique vocalizations - have helped them thrive. A chapter covers each owl family, including huge Eagle-Owls, diminutive Pygmy Owls, familiar Barn Owls, and unusual fishing and burrowing owls. Closing chapters look at relationships between owls and humans by exploring such issues as banding and falconry, threats to owls from human factors, and attendant conservation issues.

An entertaining compendium of owls that depicts the birds' secret lives with both accuracy and grace, Owls of the World will appeal to birdwatchers, nature lovers, and dedicated owl aficionados alike.

Owl expert James Duncan is the director of the Wildlife and Fisheries Branch of the Manitoba Department of Sustainable Development. He is the author of The Complete Book of North American Owls.

'A knowledgeable and scholarly overview of the owls, written in a style that makes it accessible to the non-specialist, and illustrated with a mass of images, many of quite outstanding quality... thoroughly recommended!' - British Birds Magazine

'A photographic feast containing a truly wonderful collection of stunning owl portraits and action shots... its author and the wise words he delivers place it head and shoulders above many similar books that adorn 'coffee tables' around the world. This book, above all else, encourages people to care about owls. An absolutely brilliant book.' - David Ramsden MBE, Head of Conservation, The Barn Owl Trust

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