New Arrival: Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia [Third edition]

by JAMIE HALE • October 10, 2018

Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia [Third edition]

Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia [Third edition]

This field guide includes original illustrations of 1,879 species of birds, the majority of which have been updated from the earlier edition. This book has been updated and the quality of printing has been one of the main objectives to launch this new edition. This guide is the most complete field guide to Colombian birds to date. With this small field book, we want to redefine what a field guide is. It not only is a scientific text, result of research and hard work, but also a unique piece of design. Our guide will be a comfortable book that fits in your pocket and can be consulted with a single hand; a tool that offers a simple, accessible and fun way to understand and experience the complexity of Colombia's birdlife.

A field guide of the most bird rich country on Earth, an unimaginable paradise of excess for bird lovers. Colombia is home to more than 1,900 species of birds, almost 20% of the world's total - and the number keeps rising every year. This volume includes over 5,000 hand-drawn illustrations to reflect this knowledge. It also includes many new records and splits, maps depicting rainfall, the national system of protected areas, areas of endemism, as well as areas of natural vegetation.

The plates are arranged to show the names of the species, illustrations, maps, texts, field notes and notes on the endemic and endangered species, in a single informative cell. Now songs and vocalizations too. The range of each subspecies is indicated on each map. Emphasis is placed on useful information in the field. The maps have been updated, including species not described. Now with a total of 380 pages, more than 100 additional pages than the previous edition.

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