Nature Watch Big Bend: A Seasonal Guide

by JAMIE HALE • August 27, 2019

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Nature Watch Big Bend: A Seasonal Guide

New Arrival: Nature Watch Big Bend: A Seasonal Guide

In this information-packed, month-to-month guide to the wildlife, plants, and natural events that define the seasonal cycles in Big Bend National Park, naturalists Lynne and Jim Weber offer a richly illustrated guide to the natural rhythms of this beautiful and remote region in far West Texas.

If you're on the lookout for deer in January, tracking hummingbirds in August, photographing wildflowers in September, or listening to frog choruses after a summer rain—the authors provide 'Where to Watch' suggestions on when and how to see these and many other park inhabitants, from beavers and bats to lizards and dragonflies. Each chapter features a weather and temperature chart, photographs, and eye-catching illustrations by Lynne Weber.

Whether you are a casual tourist or a frequent visitor to Big Bend, the authors hope that knowing what to look for during your stay in one of the nation's largest national parks will heighten your awareness, sharpen your observation skills, and enhance your overall experience in this iconic Texas landscape.

'Few people know Big Bend National Park as well as Lynne and Jim Weber... and in Nature Watch they share that knowledge with readers' — Roland 'Ro' Wauer, author of Naturalist's Big Bend

'For people wanting to know when you can spot certain creatures, special happenings or flora, this type of organization is practical and easy.' Courtney Lyons-Garcia, Executive Director, Big Bend Conservancy

'The authors have laid out this guide by month, detailing the natural world of Big Bend in a chronology that tracks the changes in daylight, temperature, migration, and seasons. It is richly illustrated with color photographs that can whet the reader's appetite for a trip to Big Bend. The monthly discussions in the book provide potential visitors with an excellent advance scouting report on what they may expect to see when they visit. Don't leave home without it!'

Chock full of color photos and sketches, with an expert's eye for what to look for at what time of year.

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