Birds of the Squam Lakes Region, New Hampshire. Revised and Updated

by JAMIE HALE • August 09, 2022

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New Arrival: Birds of the Squam Lakes Region, New Hampshire. Revised and Updated
Ridgely, Beverly S., revised by Robert S. Ridgely and Kenneth H. Klapper. $35.00

The revised and updated edition of Beverly S. Ridgely’s Birds of the Squam Lakes Region follows two previous editions published in 1977 and 1988 and provides a comprehensive overview of birdlife in the beautiful Squam Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Robert S. Ridgely undertook the task of publishing a new edition of this regional guide and has written a useful forward updating his father’s tips on birdwatching. Ridgely and Kenneth H. Klapper have updated the species accounts (34 species have been added to the list since 1988) and over 200 color photos of characteristic Squam Birds (and even some rarities) have been added.

A complement to your field guide, this book is a guide to the birdlife with extensive species accounts, with detailed descriptions of appearance and behavior, seasonal status and abundance, distribution, habitat preferences, and habits. Includes color photos of many species and habitats. Family and species accounts for 284 species and 53 families of birds, glossary, birds and hiking in the region, and index.

Revised and updated by Robert S. Ridgely with Kenneth H. Klapper.

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