Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide

by Allen Hale • September 03, 2020

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Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide

New Arrival: Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide

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First Edition, Revised (2019). A number of typos and a few color plate and range map errors were corrected, as well as minor changes to species accounts based on novel insights from the field. Quick-find indices by family and species were also added. The only field guide to the birds of Bolivia.

Descriptive text covering status, behavior, and voice with range maps face 220 color plates. Notably different subspecies, males and females, and color morphs are illustrated. On facing pages, the guide features brief texts for field identification as well as detailed range maps with locality records. Concise introductory chapters on Bolivian birds and their conservation. Color maps, as well as hints on where to watch and how to identify birds in Bolivia. Copies of the First Edition (1916) had to be hand carried from Bolivia.

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