Birding by Hindsight: A Second Look at Bird Identification

by JAMIE HALE • October 11, 2018

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Birding by Hindsight: A Second Look at Bird Identification

New Arrival: Birding by Hindsight: A Second Look at Bird Identification

Birding by Hindsight contains EVERY article Kim wrote for his popular column in The Loon journal from 1994 to the last installment in 2012, 70 in total. 568 pages of bird identification fun! This book tackles many of the tough bird ID problems all birders face...Long-billed vs. Short-billed Dowitcher, jaegers, gulls in flight, Coopers vs. Sharp-shinned Hawk, winter loons, silent Eastern vs. Western Meadowlark, swans, grebes, Western Sandpiper, redpolls and of course, insight and clarification on our fall warblers. Your birding skills will be improved after you read this book! Topics cover many areas of identification (and misidentification) of our most confusing bird species. Another fun series of articles covers Kim's predictions on what the next species to be added to the state list will be. Find out where Kim was right on, and what species are yet to be discovered within Minnesota's borders. The text is still incredibly relevant today. The text is timeless and Kim's writing is both humorous and enlightening...a combination that makes reading each page a delight. Makes a great gift for a birding friend as well. 568 pages; nearly 100 black and white photos.

Entertaining and enlightening. Tips, tricks, and hints for identification, as well as wide range of birdwatching topics, like field guides, state records, and splitting and lumping, all in short easy-reading articles.

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