Birding Arizona: What to Know, Where to Go

by JAMIE HALE • May 02, 2019

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Birding Arizona: What to Know, Where to Go

New Arrival: Birding Arizona: What to Know, Where to Go

This book will help you find, identify and appreciate birds in every corner of the State. Written by a Phoenix resident. In chapter 1, Birding through the Seasons, you learn about the many facets of Arizona bird migration. Chapter 2 offers practical hints and suggestions to help you find and identify birds, and explains why birders learn and memorize birdsongs and calls. It also includes a selected list of resources for beginners. Chapter 3 introduces you to several select groups of Arizona birds. Chapter 4 takes a tour of the author's favorite birding destinations, a number or which are in under-birded areas of northern Arizona. Chapter 5 discusses the ways birders can have fun counting birds and become citizen scientists who make important contributions to our knowledge of avian ecology and species distribution. Chapter 6 is titled Birding and the Environment. It discusses the many ways we benefit from the activity of birds, the importance of preserving habitat, and the lessons to be learned from attempts to reintroduce three extirpated Arizona species: the California Condor, Masked Bobwhite, and Thick-billed Parrot.

Birding Arizona: What to know Where to go is a novel birdfinding guide which covers far more than a description of the best places to see Arizona's rich birdlife. Early chapters are devoted to Arizona's birding calendar, basics of identification, and note on select groups of Arizona birds. The 'Where to Go and Maps' section covers the author's favorite areas in the Grand Canyon State all of which are unique and exciting places to visit. He concludes with a section on birding and the environment reflecting his lifelong commitment to conservation.

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