Bent's Life Histories of North American Birds

by Allen Hale • July 30, 2020

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Life Histories of North American Birds [Complete Set]

Life Histories of North American Birds [Complete Set]

Dover paperback reprints in very good condition. Some price stickers on front covers.The complete set, 23 USNM Bulletins repinted in 26 volumes. Originally published as Bulletins of the United States National Museum, 1919-1968. Increasingly scarce as a complete set whether in the original or Dover reprint. Individual Bulletins are also available from Buteo Books.

As many, if not most of us, find ourselves socially isolated, we can still spend time outdoors and enjoy the arrival of Spring. Birds are singing and nest building has begun (our local ravens have eggs in the nest). We can expect the arrival of neotropical migrants on their nesting grounds on an almost daily basis while others will be passing through to points north.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be spending much more time at home, but this provides us with an opportunity to read and learn about the birds we watch, hear, and enjoy. To that end, we are pleased to offer Life Histories of North American Birds by Arthur Cleveland Bent (1863-1934) and collaborators. Published through the Government Printing Office by the Smithsonian Institution in 21 numbers (23 volumes) of the Bulletin of the United States National Museum between the years 1919 and 1968. This work represents one of the most ambitious projects in the history of American ornithology. The books contain an unbelievable wealth of information derived from myriad sources and presented in an approachable manner which can be read with pleasure.

Not only do we offer the complete set in the Dover reprint series, but we have most of the original USNM volumes and Dover reprints available for purchase separately. If your interest is in a particular species or family, let us know and we’ll be happy to check our stock.  You can browse the currently available list of individual volumes.

Also, available is ‘In Memoriam: Arthur Cleveland Bent’ by Wendell Taber in The Auk: A quarterly Journal of Ornithology, Volume 72, No. 4, October 1955. Complete number includes ‘Fall Migration at Matinicus Rock, Maine’ by Mazzeo ‘Homing Flights and Orientation of Pigeons’ by Hitchcock, ‘Censusing Southern Michigan Sandhill Cranes’ by Walkinshaw &Wing, inter alia. SKU #Auk72-4 $10.00

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