For decades, ABA Sales has been proud to offer members of the birding community books and equipment to improve your birdwatching experience. In an effort to bring its members the highest level of service, excellent products, and most up-to-date birding gear, the American Birding Association has embarked on a partnership with Buteo Books, which is assuming operation of the portion of ABA Sales covering books and other media.

Buteo Books is pleased to expand the range of products available, offering all of the books and media previously available from ABA Sales, plus thousands of other birding and ornithology titles. You will also find calendars, pins, field bags, window decals, and much more.

An unfortunate consequence of the challenging times for independent booksellers and non-profit organizations is the demise of discounts to ABA members. However, Buteo Books will donate a percentage of every member's purchase to the American Birding Association, so we hope you will continue to place your orders with Buteo Books/ABA Sales both to support the American Birding Association and to insure the continued availability of the widest range of publications on birds and birdwatching.

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The American Birding Association is also pleased to announce a collaboration of retailers for the remainder of products previously offered by ABA Sales, all operating under the ABA Sales moniker.

Birding Optics

For your birding optics needs, ABA Sales has teamed up with Eagle Optics to continue offering the best in birding optics. Since 1986, Eagle Optics has offered a wide selection of equipment from every major sport optics manufacturer. Eagle Optics has always strived to carry the optic brands that represent the best performance and value. Their competitive prices, knowledgeable staff, and exceptional customer care have made Eagle Optics the leader in supplying equipment to outdoor and nature enthusiasts. When you are shopping at either Eagle Optics or Buteo books, make sure you have your member-number handy. With every purchase you make, a percentage of that sale goes back to the ABA and supports its programs and its publications. Visit the Eagle Optics website >

Shade-Grown Coffee

Cover Shade-grown coffee is bird-friendly coffee. The coffee trees are planted under a canopy that continues to support bird life. Bird-watching coffee lovers, it's the best of both worlds! Our line of shade-grown Song Bird coffee is roasted and distributed by Thanksgiving Coffee Company. Your purchase of Song Bird coffee from TCC supports not only the birds we see every spring, but ABA programs as well. Shop Song Bird Coffee

Don't forget to mention you're an ABA member to ensure your purchase helps support the ABA.

ABA Logo Merchandise

Show Your Colors! Shop@ABA is Now Open! A nice variety of clothing for men, women, and juniors is now available, as well as a selection of accessories including binocular straps and life list pins. Orders can be made online or by phone at (800) 850-2473 x232 during normal business hours Monday through Friday Mountain Time.
Visit shop.aba.org for all your American Birding Association Logo gear.


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