Birding Trails: Wisconsin

by Betchkal, Steve
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Birding Trails: Wisconsin

Birding Trails: Wisconsin

by Betchkal, Steve

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Finding Guide=A guide to the best birdwatching locations
Over 100 birding trails with over 200 species. Describes each birding trail with a list of key birds, the best time of year to visit each trail, the type of terrain, size, and complete directions to each area, many with maps of each trail. Now with GPS.

Wisconsin is one of the great birding states in the Upper Midwest. Steve Betchkal, an avid birder and author of a previous now out-of-print book on birding in Wisconsin has now written an outstanding new birding book for the state. Steve has selected 101 top birding trails all of which he has personally visited. He gives a detailed description of the birds for each site and takes you through each trail and tells you where are the best spots to see the species of birds at those sites. He also advises you on the best time of year to visit each trail.

Steve divided the state into three regions: North, Central and South. He includes all of the major birding trails like Horicon National Wildlife Refuge - one of the best in the country to many little known but fruitful birding trails. Steve covers the wildlife management areas, the state parks and the prairie areas. Wisconsin Birding Trails has over 350 pages with 75 detailed maps and over 75 color photos of key Wisconsin birds. This is a must book for birders.

ISBN: 9781940239002

Publisher: Sandhill Crane Press

Year of Publication: 2018/06/15

Page Count: 400

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