Manual of Neotropical Birds

by Blake, Emmet Reid
Manual of Neotropical Birds

Manual of Neotropical Birds

by Blake, Emmet Reid

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Very good hardcover in mylar-protected dust jacket. Volume 1 [only volume published]: Spheniscidae (Penguins) to Laridae (Gulls and Allies). Of the 3,300 species and perhaps 8,300 subspecies from the neotropical region, this volume covers 600 species, and about 1,500 subspecies of 48 families. Handsomely illustrated with 67 wash drawings, and a special selection of plates, several in color. 237 maps. Plates by Guy Tudor.

ISBN: 0226056414

Publisher: Univ of Chicago Press

Year of Publication: 1977

Page Count: 674

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