National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America

by Alderfer, Jonathan
National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America

National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America

by Alderfer, Jonathan

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Reading Level: Ages 8 and up

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Field Guide=A guide with illustrations or photographs for identification
Featuring 100 species of birds from coast to coast this colorful guide helps kids identify and understand birds. Both accessible and tons of fun, laid out in stunning two-page spreads that include information such as their range, the sounds they make, and the food they like to eat. Each profile includes a cool or weird fun fact, and a feature called 'A Closer Look,' which digs deeper into once aspect of the bird's life (eating habits, birdsongs, etc.). Each profile also displays a fact box with the bird's scientific name, weight, length, and wingspan. Kids will also find tons of fun facts, bright and bold colors, full-color photographs, and layering of information that makes everything jump off the page. Organized by habitat, and habitat spreads will show where different birds live within each environment. The guide also explains all the basics that kids need to know about spotting birds. Features include activities, such as how to build a birdhouse and how to build a birdfeeder, sidebars highlighting fascinating info, lists, range maps, and much more. Conservation information, a find out more section, glossary, and index will add ample back matter to round out this book.

ISBN: 9781426310942

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books

Year of Publication: 2013

Page Count: 176

Shipping Weight: 1.50

Series: National Geographic