About Hummingbirds: A Guide for Children [HC]

by SILL, Cathryn
About Hummingbirds: A Guide for Children [HC]

About Hummingbirds: A Guide for Children [HC]

by SILL, Cathryn

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Reading Level: 3-7

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This first glimpse into the natural world of hummingbirds introduces readers to these charming avian powerhouses.

Educator and author Cathryn Sill uses simple, easy-to-understand language to teach children what hummingbirds are, how they look, how they move, what they eat, and where they live. Illustrator John Sill introduces readers to many varieties of hummingbirds, from the smallest type - the Bee Hummingbird of Cuba - to the largest - the Giant Hummingbirds of the Andes Mountains in South America.

About the authors:

Cathryn Sill, a graduate of Western Carolina University, was an elementary school teacher for thirty years. She lives in North Carolina.

John Sill holds a BS in wildlife biology from North Carolina State University. Combining his knowledge of wildlife and artistic skill, John has achieved an impressive reputation as a wildlife artist and received several awards. He lives in North Carolina.

Reading level: Ages 37

ISBN: 9781561455881

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

Year of Publication: 2011

Page Count: 48

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