Woodpeckers of North America

by Backhouse, Frances
Woodpeckers of North America

Woodpeckers of North America

by Backhouse, Frances

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As New hardcover in pristine condition. With a head built to withstand repeated hammering, a chisel-shaped bill for chopping wood, and an incredibly long tongue that wraps right around the inside of its skull, woodpeckers are specialized birds. Woodpeckers of North America is a comprehensive, profusely illustrated natural history reference to all 28 species of woodpecker found in the United States, Canada and northern Mexico. The book describes in detail the lives and attributes of each species, examining anatomy, communication, feeding and nesting habits, reproduction, mortality and their relationship with other woodpecker species and with humans. Identifying traits are covered in 28 profiles. The book features 100 close-up color photographs that capture these intriguing birds in their natural environments. Detailed line drawings highlight interesting aspects of anatomy and behavior.

ISBN: 9781554070466

Publisher: Firefly Books

Year of Publication: 2005

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