Falconry and Hawking

by Glasier, Phillip
Falconry and Hawking

Falconry and Hawking

by Glasier, Phillip

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Third edition. Once the pursuit of international royalty and aristocracy, the 4,000-year-old sport of falconry has become wildly popular in America, a fact evident by the growing number of courses and clubs around the country and web sites on the internet. Now in its third edition, and published for the first time in the United States, Philip Glasier's Falconry & Hawking is the most comprehensive book ever written on the sport - it is widely known as the Bible for modern falconers - and is the essential reference for both beginner and advanced participants.

A sixty-year veteran of the sport, covering everything from its history and development to the training, housing, tools, equipment, and skills necessary to meet its present-day challenges.

Included are chapters on:
Handling the new arrival,
Manning and early training
Flying free and getting fit
Flying falcons out of the hood
Flying shortwings
Game Hawking
Lost hawks
Hack and hacking back
Dogs for hawking
Making hoods, belts, bags and gloves

Glasier also gives complete details of all the birds most commonly used, and reveals their character and individual temperaments in his own case histories. With every technique explained through step-by-step instructions and illustrated by over 170 photographs and diagrams, this is an essential reference for anyone interested in the sport of kings and the pleasures of country pursuits. B&W illustrations and color photos. Revised third Edition

ISBN: 9780713484076

Publisher: Batsford

Year of Publication: 2006

Page Count: 352

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