Trogons and Quetzals of the World

by Johnsgard, Paul A.
Trogons and Quetzals of the World

Trogons and Quetzals of the World

by Johnsgard, Paul A.

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Of all bird groups, none is more closely associated with the world's tropical forests than trogons and quetzals. With shimmering golden-green feathers and long ornamental tail coverts, Central America's resplendent quetzal often has been called the world's most beautiful bird. Beautifully illustrated with color plates and line drawings, this comprehensive review of trogons and quetzals covers all 39 extant species. The book includes detailed species accounts, range maps, and identification keys as well as a chapter that discusses comparative biology in terms of evolution, anatomy and morphology, behavior, ecology, breeding biology, and populations. 40 hand-colored plates - most by renowned 19th century illustrator John Gould and others by such contemporary artists as John O'Neill, Dan Lane, Dana Gardner, and James D. McClelland - depict adults of both sexes; 19 line drawings by Paul Johnsgard illustrate behavior and anatomy.

ISBN: 1560983884

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press

Year of Publication: 2000

Page Count: 223

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